How to leverage AI in Digital Marketing for Business Growth?

Just a couple of years ago, people used to wonder about AI. Most people used to think the meaning of AI would just be Robots doing human chores and making human lives easy. Little do we know what Artificial Intelligence would mean. AI has evolved drastically lately, more and more companies are involving it in their regular use.

Every domain can fetch the benefit of the use of AI, it reduces efforts in data processing, putting tasks on autopilot, making calculations, gathering information, and certain other things, however, human intervention plays an important role.

Use of AI in Digital Marketing for Business

Artificial Intelligence operates on tricky algorithms that can sort huge portions of data, detect patterns, and make predictions depending on past data. It’s a great advantage for business growth. If you want to take your business to new heights, contact the leading Digital Marketing Agency in Jalandhar.

Here are some ways digital marketers are leveraging the use of AI:-

Visual Curations

AI has spread its wings in almost every direction, including graphic design. Artificial Intelligence has reached the level of advancement in which with the aid of Machine Learning it can identify objects, images, and emotions in images and videos.

The arrival of AI in this domain can bring revolution, like by simply typing what you want in an Image of video production, for example, your product with a background of Christmas festivities, you can get the visual ready in a matter of seconds.

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Chatbot Marketing

In the era of seconds of attention span, it is challenging to gauge people. Marketers can now rely on AI-enabled chatbots, which can run 24/7 resolving queries and engaging customers, guiding them towards the purchase, giving incline to a win-win situation for the prospect and the business owner.

Big Brands like IBM, Starbucks, Spotify, Lyft, and a few others have adopted a Chatbot Marketing strategy to upscale their revenue and leave no stone unturned.

Use of AI in PPC

In the PPC marketing strategy, there’s a fee associated with every time a user clicks on the ad listing posted by the marketer, as the name itself tells Pay Per Click.

This Strategy mainly revolves around targeting the right audience. Unlike old methods of targeting based on location or demographics which holds the potential of targeting a broad spectrum of undesirable audiences.

With the onset of AI, we can detect behavioral, buying patterns and deliver impactful ads that can yield outstanding results. Once the audience is clear in the mind, we can deliver more relevant and engaging ads.

Email Marketing

There is a lot of misconception in the air of digital marketing trends claiming Email marketing is not effective, and result-oriented. The subject of the email is so traditional and in use for too long, that there definitely would be an unshakeable reason it still exists.

When we blend Email marketing and AI, with AI’s help subject lines can be transformed, curate content tailored as per the audience, and the most important one marketers can experiment with A/B testing.


Undoubtedly, AI has made lives easier by automation of tasks and analyzing piles of data in minutes, it is constantly evolving digital marketers can surf the wave and yield benefits.

We just love experimenting and playing with the new tools that come into the market and suggest the fruitful ones further. Here are some commonly AI-powered tools:-

  • Chat GPT
  • Browse AI
  • Jasper
  • Chat Fuel
  • Get Response