Digital Marketing Trends in 2024​

A brand is no longer what we tell the consumer it is- it is what consumers tell each other it is.
– Scott Cook

There is one thing common between Digital Marketing and time: both of them don’t wait for anyone. Digital Marketing has made Thousands of people make Millions of money. It has been a game-changer for so many businesses who surfed the wave at the right time, time plays an outstanding role in this industry especially, and early movers get a considerably good advantage. We have been surfing this wave of digital marketing for quite a while now.

Here’s our take on what can BOOM, in the year 2024 in the Digital Marketing Domain.

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search has gained good popularity and made our lives convenient, without actually coming in contact with a device, a user can operate the device with just their commands, a study shows Amazon has sold more than 500 million Alexa-enabled speakers, and Echo has been a good market-hit as well.

Digital marketers will have to switch their focus from typing / text keywords to conversational phrases, how people talk, deeper into human psychology, and what will perform well in a voice-related search.

Augmented Reality

It has launched the missile and captured the market trends. It is already a part of large companies like Walmart to supervise the inventory management, and IKEA to help people set up the furniture, or to get a better idea of the Space required. The use of AR technology by brands will provide a more interactive and engaging customer experience.

In our Opinion:- Any technology that can enhance customer experience or take it to the next level will Skyrocket.

Influencer Marketing

This tactic of marketing has proved its efficacy and turned out to be a good way of marketing for many brands. We can say in 2024, It will be more about targeting the right audience in a more precise manner. The Micro or nano influencers who get good engagement or engage more with their fanbase will be under the good side of the umbrella. Moreover, AI will give it contributions to filtering out the right kind of influencers for particular brands.

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AI in Marketing

We foresee that AI will transform the world of marketing in more ways than we can imagine, although it is in the early stages right now it is going to revolutionize the marketing spectrum for sure.

For example, Chat GPT, people around the globe have started using it in some sort, and it is gaining popularity over time. AI will not steal jobs, it can make it easier and more effective.

In our Opinion:- AI will come in handy for tasks like generating leads, retaining customers, chat-bots for customers, Meaningful insights, better data-driven strategies, and more.

Multi-Channel Marketing

It is the method of leveraging more than one channel to engage or reach customers. It leaves a deeper impact on the user’s psyche. In today’s era of digitalization, a single channel to reach your audience may not get the job done. Every user is unique in their way and uses different platforms for surfing.

In our Opinion:- Multichannel Marketing is an effective digital marketing strategy, Many brands have included this practice in their marketing campaigns and have reaped fruitful results.

Content Marketing

In this niche, AI algorithms will be beneficial in many ways as the content game is getting more personalized, users receive emails or push notifications with their names mentioned in them, fully custom-tailored. AI will save humans time in the process of extracting data and tracking customer behavior.

In our Opinion:- No matter how much the AI evolves or gets better it cannot take the place of a human, the human element is necessary for content creation. AI is good at processing tons of data faster than a human but it lacks human attributes like humor, way of storytelling, and the real human touch.

Social Commerce

We have witnessed a significant rise in this area of Digital. Social Commerce is basically shopping through social media instead of E-commerce websites like Amazon, and Flipkart.

We are forecasting that this territory of digital will flourish as well. Social commerce works in a more frictionless way, the audience discovers the product, likes it, and can directly purchase from the same app.

In our Opinion:- This category will hugely influence the buying pattern, as most of the new generation uses social media more than anything, on top of that you can get feedback, or get viral easily.